Often when buying a property, we are concerned if property prices fall, we could go into negative equity.

So, how do we ensure that our property is least impacted by any downturn in the property market.

The following are some of the points which help to decide the value of your property:

Location - The location may be the most important factor in deciding the value of your property. For example, a 1 bed flat in Central London is worth much more than a 3 bed house outside London. Buying a property in a good location definitely ensures that  the value of your property holds firm. Please refer to my previous blog post about the property buying checklist which tells you what to check for about the location of a property. 

Safety - Obviously, no one would like to live in a high crime area. If your property is in a low crime area, it is likely to hold it's value more than properties which have more crime. As a bonus, your car insurance premium can also reduce if your property is in a low crime area.

Schools - This is another important factor which decides the value of your property. Houses and flats in catchment of outstanding schools always have a higher value compared to others which are outside the catchment. Also, these properties are always in high demand by families. Living close to a school makes life much easier for a parent because it cuts down the time needed to drop and pick up a child from school .

Garden, Driveway, Garage -

A decent size garden is one of the factors people consider while buying a house. A garden always helps you get fresh air whenever you want. Plus, you have the joy of organising barbecue parties, play areas for children, having your own workshop and much more.


Having a parking space right in front of your house make life much easier, especially after doing heavy shopping. Also, it removes the stress of hunting for a parking space when you come home.


A garage can be used for almost anything you like. It can be used to park your car. It can be used as a storage area for your tools. It can be used as a workshop for your DIY projects or it can be converted into a another room. If you get a house with a garage at a good price, you are one of the lucky ones.

Length of lease - When buying a flat the number of years left on the lease are crucial in deciding the value of the flat. If the flat has less than 80 years, it can be an issue with lenders while selling or remortgage. Renewing a lease is costly but it can also increase the value of your flat more than than the cost of renewal. Buying a flat with a long lease removes the stress of extending the lease and definitely adds more value to your property. Here at Long Lease Property, we help potential buyer to find flats and houses with a long lease. Flats with a long leases are as good as freehold and have good potential to hold their value if they are in a good location.