Coronavirus and the property market

Publish Date: 19-04-20

One of the big dilemma's that buyers and investors are facing in today's property market in the Coronavirus.

The government has asked people not to move homes which has put a hold on many property transactions.

However, the property market has not stopped

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What increases the value of your property?

Publish Date: 21-03-20

Often when buying a property, we are concerned if property prices fall, we could go into negative equity.

So, how do we ensure that our property is least impacted by any downturn in the property market.

The following are some of the points which help to

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Bank of England cut's interest rate to 0.1%. What this means for you?

Publish Date: 20-03-20

So, the Bank of England has decided to cut it's interest rate to 0.1%. This is not very good news for savers who have been struggling for long to get a decent return.

However, for borrowers this rate cut will prove helpful to an extent. 

If you are about

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Checklist for property buying

Publish Date: 19-03-20

Please ensure you have considered the following before you put an offer on a property:

  • Proximity to your work.
  • Proximity to schools if you have kids.
  • Proximity to supermarkets.
  • Proximity to a local convenience store just in case you need something
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